What Is a Good Ping for Gaming ?

Ping for gaming?
What is it?
Is it any tool or thing?
Is it a device or something sort of gadget?

Still, confused?
If yes, so read below!

What is ping ?

Ping is the time it takes to give a message and to act upon that message. Suppose you are playing a video game which about race and cars. To win the race from your competitor, you press W to move faster. Your pressing W is the message you sent to the game. Due to the low internet, the message is processed late it means that it has taken a long time to act on that message. In other words, the ping rate is high. Similarly, if it takes a second to act on the message it means that the ping rate is low and it is good because the message is transferred faster.Pubg game is getting popular day by day and if you can not play on PC then getting a laptop for pubg is must.

Ping for Gaming

What is the ideal ping for gaming ?

What is a good ping for gaming depends on the type of game you are playing. In BF2 small forces, 145 ms is the ideal ping rate but for Wolfenstein enemy territory, 20 to 30 is better. The rate of ping depends on games. Some games required a low ping rate but some can be run with fun at higher rates.If you can not afford expensive laptops then Gaming Laptops Under $600 is the option for you.

However, a mostly lower ping rate is the best. Usually, 79 is considered fine but according to users the game is the best at the rate of lower than 50, it is fine if it is above 50 but below 100 and it is the worst if it is above 100.

The rate of ping depends on the server and the internet. If your server is heavy or the internet is slow then forget about having an output at the desired moment. If your family has six people and all of them are using the internet then you cannot win your game. Similarly, if you two friends live together and one of them is busy on Netflix then forget about becoming the speediest driver in race game.

How to lower the ping rate ?

However, there are many ways to lower down the ping rate. Some of them are

1) Close all tabs and downloads which are of no use because all data is information. And when they are information, it uses server and when they use server, you are unable to use it fully due to which you might lose the game.

2) We are living in fiber optics age. If you have saved a lot of money and if you have a decent job or if you get pocket money, then get fiber optics. Its server and speed is suitable for everyone. Secondly, it is not too expensive.

3) Connect your PC or laptop directly to the router. Connecting directly strengthen internet connection and lower the ping, especially when you are using it far away from the router and when you are living with some people who watch videos and play games too.

4) Play old trick, turn off and on it after a minute. It is old but it works.

So, this is all about ping! Ping is speed basically. If its lower then its good but if it is more than 100 in number then too bad.

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