How to Overclock Your Monitor

Overclocking means that you get the maximum performance out of your monitor. It is similar to overclocking the processor, which leads to the maximum performance of the processor. When you overlock your monitor, the refresh rate increases as compared to the factory setting, and this means that your monitor can draw more frames per second on the screen. Overclocking your monitor isn’t necessary or essential, but it is a smart trick that can really make a difference. So, if you haven’t ever heard about overclocking, then this article is for you.If you like big screen you can get Best 38-Inch Monitor

What does refresh rate mean ?

It means the number of times (per second) that the image which is displayed on the refreshes to avert flickering while being viewed by human eyes. So, a 60 Hertz monitor will refresh 60 times every second, a 75 Hertz will refresh 75 times, and 144 Hertz will refresh 144 times; a human eye can see more than 24fps, but humans can attain a higher refresh rate. If you are into computing and pc gaming, then the higher the number, the better.

How to overclock your monitor ?

If you are a pro in computing, then you will be aware of the process of overclocking your processor and will know that it is effortless. Similarly, the process of overclocking your monitor is very easy. You can use tools like CRU, or you can also use software from software companies like AMD, Intel, or NVIDIA (all of these are free).IF you are a graphic designer and do not have too much budget for heavy monitor then read the list of Budget Monitors For Graphic Design

CRU- Custom Resolution Utility: this tool is one of the oldest options of overclocking. Because of being old, it might not be compatible with some of the current versions of your PC. You can download it from any website. After downloading, you have to follow the instructions that the tool guide gives you, and if it works, then your screen won’t go black. But, if this doesn’t work, then after 15 seconds, your screen will restore its old settings.

Overclock Your Monitor

AMD: this is software. Once you download this, you can go to the AMD settings, then go to custom resolutions and click create and then add your desired refresh rate, save and then reboot your PC. After restarting, you will find out whether or not your rate has changed.Try some Best 4K 144Hz Monitor

NVIDIA: this software is similar to AMD, and once you download it, you have to go to the NVIDIA control panel, change resolution, and then create a custom resolution. Reboot your PC, and your refresh rate will be changed.

Intel: the software of Intel is the easiest of all. You can easily create your refresh rates, just open the intel control panel, select the display, go to custom resolutions, and enter your desired refresh rate and finally click Save. If you enter something wrong, then you will be asked to try again, and then you will have to reboot.Read Best Monitors For Nintendo Switch Reviews is best for you

Overclock on your own risk :

Things that you do to maximize the potential of your pc are not included in any warranty. You will have to own if anything wrong happens. You should keep this in mind and work carefully with your gadgets to save them from blowing up.

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