How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

Today, Windows 10 is the favorite of gamers when it comes to OSs. MS has done an excellent job of optimizing the operating system and adapting it to the requirements of the gamers. Windows 10 provides better gaming performance and faster frames rates. It can serve as the base for the best graphic drivers, which is vital in gaming. It can also support native games, and the retro ones also, and it can support Xbox streaming with a Game DVR feature. It also has the Game Mode: a particular settings optimization for speeding up the computer. But it is not quite that easy. For benefiting from all possibilities of Windows 10, increase the gaming experience, and make the games run faster, you have to acquaint how to optimize the computer for gaming.If you are gamer and need wifi adapter which supports high speed internet then get from the list of Best Wifi Adapters For Gaming

Tips For Optimizing The Windows 10 For Gaming :

For optimizing computer for Window 10 gaming, follow these instructions:

  • Optimize Windows 10 with Game Mode

As for how to boost the Windows 10 gaming performance, you can optimize Win 10 using the Game Mode.

Step#1: Hit the Windows & I Key together for opening Settings.

Step#2: In the Settings window, click on Gaming.

Step#3: In the next window, navigate to Game Mode panel > switch the Use Game Mode button to On.

Note: If you cannot see the settings and the option on the PC, it denotes that the PC isn’t the latest.

Step#4: When all the steps are done, the gaming performance might be improved.

Windows 10 For Gaming

  • Manage The Active Hours:

Windows 10 might install the updates and restart the PC without the permission or when you’re playing different games. In such a case, the PC gaming performance can be affected. For resolving this, you might disable the automatic update directly. But it’s not suggested for doing that. For optimizing the Windows 10 for gaming, there’s another intelligent method that you can set your Active Hours properly. By doing so, you can detail the working and gaming schedule in Windows and stop Windows from updating and from restarting during the time.FPS Gaming mouses are best for gaming read reviews about it before buying.

Step#1: Hit Wind & I key together for opening Settings.

Step#2: Then, select Update and Security for continuing.

Step#3: Click on Change active hours from the right panel.

Step#4: Set that start & end time based on the requirements > click save.

Your PC will not reboot during that active time, and you’ll not be affected throughout playing your game. So, the gaming performance would be enhanced.

  • Stop Steam From Auto-Updating The Games:

If you utilize Windows for playing games, you are probably purchasing and installing games through Steam. One of the major annoyances with Steam is the update feature, which will not permit the users to stop automatic updates across the games. It might use up memory by updating games you do not play or limit the network connectivity using the background updates.Open Back Headphones are great if you want to listen to game music and other people around you.

Step#1: For preventing the Steam from updating the games in the background, go to the Steam client and access the update options under Steam, then go to Settings then open Downloads.

Step#2: Uncheck allow downloads throughout Gameplay for preventing the Steam from updating the content while you are gaming.

Step#3: For preventing the Steam from downloading the updates for largely-unutilized games right-click all of your installed games in the Library in question > choose Properties.

Step#4: Under the Automatic Updates, change Always keep the game updated to only update the game when I open it.

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