How to Make Your Computer Faster for Gaming

Game lovers want their computer to run on the fastest speed but they don’t know how to do this due to which they face problems. If you are one of them, then read below!

What is Gaming Computer speed ?

A gaming computer’s speed depends on

  1. Graphics card
  2. CPU
  3. Memory card
  4. Drives
  5. Network

Computer for Gaming

Ways to improve speed

If you work on them, then you will have the lowest ping rate and desired speed. To improve, there are some ways

1) First of all, change the settings of your graphics card. Your graphics card control most of your things about gaming of PC. By lowering resolution and shutting down vertical, you can improve the speed. All you have to do is to go to setting, search for resolution and lower the number.

2) Secondly, install the most updated graphics driver. Graphics Driver influences the speed the most. You have to press Windows and X together and select the Display manager from the menu. Open display adapters and take out graphics card details. There you get details from which you go to the site of manufacture. Download the latest version from the site and uninstall the older version. When it gets installed, open the file and install it.

3) Thirdly, think about your CPU. Stop and close all programs and tabs which you don’t need because they need energy which your poor CPU provides them. Closing them will help you to win. Besides, close or stop or block or disable all startup programs which keep on running behind.If you are gamer then and play SIMS 4 then there are many Laptops For Sims 4

4) Fourthly, improve performance by changing settings. What you have to do is to go to file explorer, do right click on THE PC and select Properties. In Properties, go to ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS. In advanced system settings, go to properties, select settings, go to the tab of VISUAL EFFECTS and select ADJUST FOR BEST PERFORMANCE. Click on OK and performance is improved!

5) Fifthly, work on your hard drive. To improve your hard drive clean it and defrag it. For this, you have to go to file explorer, select This PC, select drive tools, select manage, select clean and optimize, click on run and that’s how your drive will be defragged and cleaned!

6) To improve your CPU an RAM, you can go for overclocking. In this, the computer performs more speedily than the speed which is set by the factory. It may help you to win the game but it can decrease the speed of functioning of accessories. So, if you are a gamer then do it otherwise leave it.

7) Always check your network and connection. If the internet is slow then connect your PC to the router directly, it will help.

Conclusion :

So, these are a few ways to improve the speed. The speed of your PC tells how the condition of every part of your computer is. If it is efficient then the speed will be the one which is set by manufacturers or it will be slow or faster which could destroy if not computer, then other parts!

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