How To Find Wi-Fi Password On Windows 10 ?

Imagine this, you have just purchased a brand new tablet or phone and cannot wait to try your device out. You unwrap it and switch it on. Everything goes well until it asks you to connect to your wireless network. But, you forgot your wifi password! Without this password, you cannot access your digital world on the new device. Does it sound known to you? Everybody has been there! Luckily, there’re numerous methods of finding that wifi password. All you require is your Windows PC that’s connected to the network before. In this post, we are gonna show you how to find the wifi passwords on the Windows 10 system so that you can connect the new device without asking the geek buddies or consulting the IT team for help.Before buying anything if a person does not know anything about product then he/she should first read buying guide and if you are gamer then wifi adapter that is specially made for gaming is necessary read Wifi Adapter Buying Guide in 2020 before buying it

Wi-Fi Password On Windows 10

How Can You Find The Wi-Fi Passwords On Your Windows 10 PC ?

  • Utilizing a computer that frequently connects to your wifi network you are trying to find the password of, click on the Start button in the lower corner of the screen. This button shows as four white square boxes.
  • Choose Settings, which looks like a tiny cog.
  • Now, in the Settings window, choose the Network & Internet.
  • Then, in the newly opened menu, click to choose the Status option from your left-hand side of the screen.
  • Scroll down until you find the option of Network and Sharing Center > simply click on it. A new window will open.
  • Now in this new pop-up, choose the Wi-Fi network you are attempting to find the password of. It’ll be found next to the Connections menu.
  • Under the Wi-Fi Status, choose the Wireless Properties option.
  • In the next opened menu, click on Security to choose it.
  • Next, for showing the characters, simply click on the small checkbox for checking it. The password for the chosen wifi network will then be shown.

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