Best Printer For College Students in 2020

Looking for the best printer for college students? You’ve come to the right place.

Choosing a great printer for college is not possible with limited knowledge. There are tons of factors to look for when it comes to the selection of a great printer for college students like price, quality, performance, and many others that are discussed in great detail in the article below.

I have selected top printers for you after analyzing all the possible options available. This list of printers contains worthwhile products from trusted brands and are arranged with pros, cons, and other options to help you choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Best Printer For College Students

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.HP Envy 5055MB169B Check Price
2.Samsung Xpress C430WMB169B Check Price
3.Epson Expression ET-2650MB169B Check Price
4.HP Envy 4520MB169B Check Price
5.Canon Selphy CP1300MB169B Check Price
6.Canon Pixma TS9120MB169B Check Price
7.Epson Expression ET-2650MB169B Check Price
8.HP Tango XMB169B Check Price

1. HP Envy 5055

The HP Envy 5055 is a great printer that offers great quality for the price tag and comes with several conveniences to make your life easier. A huge downside of HP Envy 5055 is the optional Instant Ink Replacement service that reorders ink cartridges when the printer is operating low. Their best plan allows you to do 50 pages with a minimal fee for a month, that does makes the process effortless and also saves you some money compared to the process of replacing ink yourself.

HP Envy 5055

Furthermore, the printer comes with the right tools and features to take care of any printing job you give it, but you will see the best result with photo-printing, as it the photographs produced by this printer are borderless, crisp, and have great colors.

The HP Envy 5055 supports a range of paper sizes, including 4×6 photo paper to 8×10 letterhead and No. 10 envelopes. The best part about this printer is the wireless connectivity allowing you to perform printing using your smartphone or tablet, even from google drive, or dropbox, or iCloud. Plus, the HP Envy 5055 can be controlled using Amazon Alexa, allowing you to perform printing using voice commands.Also check Printers list For Printing Checks

Overall, the HP Envy 5055 is an impressive printer for college students that offers a range of features and comes in an affordable price tag that makes it a worthwhile investment of your money. Some cool features like voice control and wireless connectivity make it a great pick for you.

  • Auto duplex printing
  • Cloud printing capabilities
  • Irresponsive touch screen

2. Samsung Xpress C430W

Students looking for high-quality image prints are going to love Samsung Xpress C430W, a best-quality printer that offers text and image printing to students as they juggle classes and extracurriculars.

Samsung Xpress C430W

It’s another wireless printer that comes with mobile print app, that allows you to print different types of images or texts using smartphones while not being close to the printer. The app works on both iOS and Android operation systems, so there’s no compatibility problem.

The printer also offers NFC capabilities to allow you to tap the mobile against the printer to instantly start printing of your desired stuff. The Samsung Xpress C430W can print fast that can save time for students, thanks to the 400 MHz processor, and allows you to print around 19 pages of black-and-white text in a minute.Get Best Plotter Printer if you want to print something big

The best part of this printer is the one-touch Eco button that is great for environmentally-conscious users, and have settings that can skip black pages.

The printer doesn’t take too many spaces and measures 12 x 15 x 8 inches. The Samsung Xpress C430W can be used for various needs either it’s a traditional 8.5 x 11-inch essays or 3×6-inch cardstock for note cards.

Overall, the Samsung Xpress C430W is an outstanding printer that can be used for various printing jobs and offers wireless connectivity for quick and effortless printing. That said, this printer regarding price and features hits a sweet spot.

  • Exceptional prints
  • Slow performance

3. Epson Expression ET-2650

Here we have the Epson Expression ET-2650, an impressive printer that only has a downside of changing ink cartridges.

Epson Expression ET-2650

This printer offers cartridge-free printing and can print about 4000 pages with black ink and around 6500 pages with color ink that is equal to 20 cartridge sets.

On the other hand, you can get extremely cheap replacement bottles. The ink isn’t the only great point of this printer. The wireless connectivity allows you to print using your smartphone, tablet, iPad, or computer.

The Epson Expression ET-2650 is a 3-in-1 printer-scanner-copier that is compact in size and doesn’t take too much space on your table.

A downside of Epson Expression ET-2650 is the expensive price tag. It also doesn’t have an ethernet connection and the scanning process is slightly slow.

Overall, the Epson Expression ET-2650 is an impressive printer that offers a long-lasting ink system and comes with 12 months of the standard limited warranty and comes in a compact design that makes it a great investment of your money.

  • Convenient ink system
  • Wireless printing
  • Environment-friendly
  • No ethernet connection
  • Expensive

4. HP Envy 4520

College students should always get a budget printer unless someone else is paying for this product. That’s why the HP Envy 4520 offers printing, scanning, and copying all in one product without breaking the bank.

HP Envy 4520

The printer measures 17.5 x 14.5 x 5 inches and gives a great look with the matte black finish, and the small profile of this printer doesn’t take too much space in your apartment or the dorm room.

The best part? Wireless connectivity allows you to perform prints right from your smartphone, tablet, or iPad devices, even from Google Chrome Browsers.

The HP Envy 4520 comes with a touchscreen and gives you double-sided pages printing and borderless printing to fulfill your versatile printing needs for college. The printing speed is 9.5 pages black and white in a minute that is pretty impressive at such a lower price tag. On the other hand, the HP Envy 4520 is fast, efficient, and perfect for those times when you are running behind.

A common problem with many printers is the replacement process of ink cartridges and the additional cost attached to that. Fortunately, the HP Envy 4520 offers most reasonable solution and offers the easiest process of replacing the ink cartridges. You can order extra Ink from their instant ink delivery service, from where HP takes care of your ink levels and on finding low levels of ink, sends the replacements in the mail when needed.

Thinking of how much does this service cost? Well, it’s just $9.9 for about 300 pages a month that is extremely affordable and can save up to 50% in printing costs.

Overall, the HP Envy 4520 is an efficient photo printer, copier, and scanner that offers all the bells and whistles that you expect from a great printer. The ink replacement service and quality printing make it an ideal choice for students.

  • Superior print quality
  • cheaper ink replacement
  • Highly sold unit
  • Finnicky tough screen
  • No ethernet connectivity

5. Canon Selphy CP1300

The next model on our list is Canon Selphy CP1300, a wireless compact printer that is also designed to meet the daily printing needs of college students.

Canon Selphy CP1300

The Canon Selphy CP1300 may not give up Instagram photos to print, but the printer does give you a compact photo printing solution to meet your regular printing challenges. The Canon Selphy CP1300 measures 7.1 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches and is fairly lightweight at 1.9 pounds that are around half of the weight of a standard laptop or PC.There are some best Multifunction Color Laser Printers are also available

With it’s wireless printing functionality, you can perform printing right from your smartphone either of Android or iOS, tablet, or iPad.

Furthermore, the Canon Selphy CP1300 offers a 3.2-inch display that allows you to perform minor editing or the photos you are going to print from your memory card or through the USB cable.Old age people want to get black and white printer.

The range of printing choices available with Canon Selphy CP1300 is postcard-sized prints, square label prints, or regular A4, 3×5 and 4×6 prints.

Overall, the Canon Selphy CP1300 is an impressive color printer that comes in an affordable price tag and offers pretty much everything that you expect from a standard printer that makes it a worthwhile investment for college students. If you can ignore the slow printing aspect, the Canon Selphy CP1300 is a perfect choice for you.

  • Superior print quality
  • Versatility
  • Affordable operating cost
  • Lacks touchscreen
  • Slow printing

6. Canon Pixma TS9120

Here we have Canon Pixma TS9120, a best-in-class printer that offers great printing speeds for either photo printing or black and white paper printing for college students and that best part is that it’s an all in one unit that comes in a reasonable price tag.

Canon Pixma TS9120

If you live in a small apartment of a dorm room, you can choose your desired color from three options available, the two-tone gray, gold or red canon combined give you the option of six colors that results in superior printing at such an affordable price tag.Learn How Does a Laser Printer Work

As it’s an all in one unit, it offers scanning, printing, and copying under the same roof. Plus, the wireless technology allows you to perform printing right from your Android or iOS smartphone, tablet, or pads, even from browsers or computers as well, thanks to the AirPrint and Google Cloud print compatibility.

The Canon Pixma TS9120 offers a 5-inch touchscreen that allows you to perform printing, scanning, or copying in an effortless way and allows students to add additional effects to their photos to make printing fun.

Moving on, the Canon Pixma TS9120 is compatible with CD/DVD and Blu-Ray disc printing, plus it can print business cards as well.

Overall, the Canon Pixma TS9120 is an impressive printer that offers high-quality prints and offers some other nifty features like CD/DVD compatibility, wireless printing, business card printing, and touchscreen LCD screen. Plus, it offers printing, scanning, , and copying all in one device without costing you a dime that makes it a worthwhile pick for college students. Though you may be affected by the slow printing process.if you do not have high budget but still need a laser printer get a cheap laser printer

  • Superior value
  • Great prints
  • Slow printing
  • Lacks document feeder

7. Epson Expression ET-2650

Here we have is the Epson Expression ET-2650, a printer that is suitable for those looking forward for an endless stream of assignment prints, term paper prints, or syllabus prints throughout the year.

Epson Expression ET-2650

The printer comes with two years of ink that is equal to 20 ink cartridges so no additional cost is involved for first two years or printing but it depends on how many prints you perform throughout this time. With this much ink you can generate around 4,000 pages or printing in black and white, and around 6,500 prints in color prints.

The printer offers 20 pages printing speed and depending on your daily printing requirements, you can estimate when can you reach to an end of this pre-available ink in the printer.

The Epson Expression ET-2650 offers wireless connectivity that allows you to perform prints right from your iOS or Android spartphone, tablet, or pads effortlessly. The Epson Expression ET-2650 comes with 1.44-inch display that helps you perform different settings of the prints or let you connect with a wireless network like your smarpthone.

Furthermore, the printer does features a SD memory card slot that allows you to insert your memory card if you have data in the card and want to take out prints right from there.If you are a guy who do not use printer frequently get a printer for infrequent use

Overall, the Epson Expression ET-2650 is a great printer that offers smooth wireles printing but costs slightly more than other printers offering the same features. Comes with 2 years worth of Ink but it depends on how many prints you perform throughout this time. That said, it’s a slightly expensive but a solid pick for college students.

  • Fast printing
  • Wireless printing
  • Slightly overpriced

8. HP Tango X

The last choice on our list is HP Tango X, a wireless printing machine that comes in an affordable price tag and offers versatile printing that makes it a great pick for college students.

HP Tango X

The HP Tango X can be controlled not only with iphone or Android smartphone or tablet, but with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or otherr voice controlling devices and allows you to perform prints using your voice cooands. Plus, the HP Tango X is a printer, scanner, and a copier machine in one device.

The HP Tango X brings HP smart app by the manufacturer, that allows you to print and scan using cloud services as well as take care of ink to give you the indication of when you need refilling.

The biggest advantage of HP Tango X is the bordless printing either for small photos or for professional documents.

Regarding storage, the HP Tango X is considerably compact and comes with such building that you can fold up to save some space in your apartment of dorm room. Similarly, the the printer brings a designer cloth cover that you can use to give a different look to your printer in your dorm room or office.

Overall, the HP Tango X is a great printer for college students that offers fold up design and offers all the bells and whistles that you expect from a color printer that offers wireless connectivity and comes with one-year limited warranty. Plus, the 24/7 customer support is always ready to help you deal with any problem you face.Want to print memories ? get a 4×6 Photo Printer

  • User-friendly
  • Borderless printint
  • Slow printing

Final Words

Now that you have all the information regarding the best printer for college students, it’s time to make a selection according to your preferences. I have done my part of providing you the authentic information that I extracted after extensive research and now it’s your turn to make a selection from this list according to your needs and budget. I hope you will be able to choose the right printer for your needs .And if you do so, don’t forget to share this list with other to help them choose one for their needs.

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