Best IPS Monitors Under 200 Reviews 2020

IPS stands for In-Plane Switching. It is a modern technology of TV or computer screens used for LCDs. The IPS screens have much better quality, display, and viewing angle. It also comes in curve shape which makes it easy for viewers to have a better display from side angles.

The ips monitor has the S-IPS, H-IPS, P-IPS, e-IPS and PLS technologies to ensure the best quality. All of these refer to the IPS technology.

The ips monitors are another form of LCD known as LED that is used as a display panel technology. It is designed to have better functions with the best quality display from all angles.

A twisted nematic (TN) effect is installed in these monitors to operate them on low voltage and low power consumption. The major part of the LCD or LED monitor market is occupied by TN. The reason is that it is the best quality with better prices and improved functions.

Best IPS monitors under 200

Are you tired of all these casual monitors that cost you more with no proper functions and improved quality? We have got the best possible solution for you. The ips screens are the solution for them.

They are the best quality monitors with cheap price and different sizes. Some of these monitors are;

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.Acer Nitro VG240YMB169B Check Price
2.The Dell S Series monitorMB169B Check Price
3.The ViewSonic MonitorMB169B Check Price
4.The HP monitorMB169B Check Price
5.ViewSonicMB169B Check Price
6.The Sceptre IPS LED MonitorMB169B Check Price
7.The LG IPS LED MonitorMB169B Check Price
8.The New HP LED MonitorMB169B Check Price
9.Asus Designo MonitorMB169B Check Price

1. Acer Nitro VG240Y

If you want to buy the best ips monitor for gaming purposes, the Acer Nitro VG240Y is the one for you to have in your home. It is a 23.8-inch screen with HD display having a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It is highly recommended to buy one of the best IPS monitor under 200.

Acer Nitro VG240Y

It is very cheap with a price of $ 119.99. It comes with a three years warranty that makes your money worth it. So don’t need to spend money on the screens that do not give you all the options and value for your money.

 It uses AMD Radeon FREESYNC Technology that gives the best quality display with low power consumption. It has 1ms VRB response time with 75 HZ refresh option that keeps the monitor cool and prevents it from heating.

Acer Nitro VG240Y also has a separate place for 2 HDMI and a VGA cable through which the screen is refreshed continuously. It is a full-screen display with zero frame size and a good ips panel having 2 speakers of 2 watts each.

  • Cheaper in price.
  • Stylishly built.
  • Unique qualities than normal LCD panels.
  • Provide a clear picture.
  • Best for gaming purposes.
  • Consumes more power than TN supported screens.
  • It has a dark screen.
  • It is heavy and is not suitable for multitasking.

2. Dell S2419H S Series Monitor

‘Dell’ is one of my favorite companies besides Apple that I can trust upon. It gives you the best quality products at cheap prices that are reliable. The Dell S series monitors are one of the best IPS monitors under 200. It comes in sizes ranging from 23” to 27″.

The Dell S Series monitor

This is another good IPS screen that contains all the features you would want within this price range. Suitable for gaming, normal TV screen or a monitor, this is the best IPS monitor under 200.

The Dell S2419H is a 24″ LED screen that costs $117.50. It gives the best view by having a full-screen display with an elegant back cover and a fantastic design that decorates your table.

The seamless switching makes it easier to move and you do not need to rearrange to cords for it over and over again. It contains a 60 Hz refresh option which helps the monitor to refresh.

  • It is viewable from all angles.
  • It has a great contrast ratio.
  • A better color resolution.
  • It has a small bezel
  • The stand is fixed and immovable.
  • It cannot be connected to more than one device.

3. ViewSonic VP2458 Professional 24 inch 1080p

ViewSonic is another best IPS monitor under 200. The VP2458 is a professional monitor with 24″ screen and 1080p style. It has a screen-wide color accuracy of 100% sRGB Delta E<2 that is best for your home and office.

The ViewSonic Monitor

The price of this spectacular product is $199.99 in which you can get this good IPS monitor, a power cable, DP to DP cable and a USB upstream cable. It also gives you a three-year warranty with free repair and access to customer services.

It provides you a good comfortable sitting position that helps you rest your back and a nice head position. It is connectable to the laptop, PC, and Macbook.

So do not waste your money on looking for screens that do not provide value to your money, spend on the ips screens and get the best quality results with cheaper prices.There are many Pigment Ink Printers but only some of them are good so read Pigment Ink Printers Reviews before buying

It is a full HD screen with a 1920x1080p display with a 60 Hz refresh option.

The ViewSonic monitor, a top quality screen, is suitable for graphic designers and photographers mostly.

It is an all-sided ultra-thin technology that gives you the best digital display of photos without the frame. t also uses a flicker-free technology with a blue light filter for better productivity and comfort.

It comes with a display port with VGA input, a 3.1 USB and 1.4 HDMI and a 60 Hz refresh option.

  • Best for photo editing.
  • Suitable for both home and office use.
  • It has separate ports for HDMI and USB.
  • One of the best color accuracy.
  • Expensive.
  • Slow refresh option.
  • Not suitable for multitasking.

4. HP Pavilion 27-inch

The hp pavilion is another good ips monitor suitable for your gaming and PC purposes. The best monitor in ips technology that gives access to multiple features.

The HP monitor

Silver in color, this screen 27″ in size having an FHD display. It contains LED backlight with modern IPS technology and access to VGA and dual HDMI ports. You can get access to other features as well.

A high table stand of 6 inches gives you a beautiful look for the screen on your table. This IPS monitor costs you $209 available on Amazon with free home delivery in local premises.Gamers should get Best Monitor For GTX 1060

It comes with a three-year warranty that is the best option to have. So stop spending money on other items and make your money worth with this IPS monitor.

This HP monitor gives a unique display with clear color and sound that helps you enjoy the view. It has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p with 16:9 aspect and 10,000,000;1 dynamic contrast ratio.

The screen comes with a quick response time of 8ms and a low input voltage of 100-240 VAC operating at 50-60 Hz.

It helps you save energy and run on a low voltage. Besides, It also gives a full-screen display with no frame, clear brightness and 0.31 mm pixel pitch.

  • Functional on low voltage with low power consumption.
  • Suitable for performing multiple functions i-e; monitor, TV and gaming purposes.
  • It is thin and lightweight, easy to carry anywhere.
  • Users friendly.
  • Expensive.
  • Not a suitable contrast ratio
  • Dark screen.

5. ViewSonic VX3276-MHD 32 Inch 1080p Frameless Widescreen

Another ViewSonic monitor that is ranged under $200. A VX3276–MHD LCD monitor is the best quality monitor to have at your home. It contains two HDMI ports and one display port. Screen size is a 32″ with 1080p display resolution


Thin in size, this ips multipurpose screen gives a pleasant look. You can put it in your drawing room on a table. It will decorate your table and drawing room not occupying much space.

It is available at an amazing price of $199.99 with a three-year warranty and free local home delivery. Containing some unique features, the ViewSonic is a monitor for you to buy.

A full HD ultra slim screen with no frame and extra high resolution and an extraordinary ips panel provides you the best quality view from all sides and also ensures a flicker-free technology with a blue light filter that provides day-long comfort.

It is made with split-screen technology to view multiple functions at a time. It is supportable to laptops, PCs, and Macbooks.Want a best monitor ? but do not have budget ? check the list of Monitors Under 200

  • Adjustable from stand to your comfort.
  • Suitable for multitasking.
  • It can run video games.
  • It does not clearly define the refresh rate.
  • Low contrast ratio.
  • It does not support VGA.

6. SCEPTRE 27″ IPS Ultra 4K

Best for gaming, TV and PC purposes, the Sceptre is one of the latest IPS screens available in metallic black color. A 4K LED UHD feature with a 27″ screen display. It contains built-in speakers with blue light shift mode.

The Sceptre IPS LED Monitor

It is thin and light in weight, it can be carried anywhere easily to perform multiple functions.

It costs $207.18 only that is worth on this product. It gives you a 3-year warranty with customer service access for local customers. We know the value of your money, that’s why we suggest you buy this high-quality monitor for best results.Read Cherry MX Brown Keyboard Reviews before buying it

It has a space for 2 HDMI cables, a display port, and a DVI. The IPS screen contains unique features that provide you the best quality resolution and excellent results.

It is operational even on a low voltage with low power consumption. A unique stand at the center gives a pleasant look when it is installed over the table.

  • No dead pixels.
  • No screen bezel.
  • The refresh rate can go up to 120 Hz which is very good.
  • It has a sturdy base and curves.
  • Higher in price.
  • Do not provide a clear picture.

7. LG 27MP36HQ-B 27-inch Full HD IPS LED Monitor

An IPS panel LED screen, having 27″ widescreen and 1920 x 1080p resolution. The LG 27MP36HQ-B is a modern technology monitor containing all the features that you would want in an LED.

The LG IPS LED Monitor

The price is guaranteed to be within your range and you will not be disappointed to spend an amount of around $150. This is the cheapest price you can get a modern technology LED.

It gives you the best possible results on a TV screen. You can also use it for gaming purposes and can turn it into a monitor screen. It is thin and lightweight, so you can carry it everywhere easily.

Do not waste your money on products that are not valuable. The LG IPS 27” LED screen is the best for you to have at your home. Enjoy one of the best quality pictures with comfort and excellent results.

This screen supports 16:9 aspect ratio and space for HDMI and VGA input and gives you the best viewing angle even from sides with a clear brightness of 200 cd/m2. A response rate of 5ms with a 60 Hz refresh rate makes it even more effective.

The most special feature of this screen that makes it one of my favorite is that it contains a reader mode with DDC/CI. A super resolution+ with a great picture mode makes it more effective.

Moreover, a flicker safe feature with HDCP and color wizard technology helps the screen to provide the best quality and clear picture.

  • Better brightness than other IPS screens.
  • Cheaper in price.
  • Provide a better quality picture.
  • Slow response rate.
  • The refresh rate is low.
  • Not suitable for multitasking.

8. HP 27er 27-Inch

The HP 27er is another IPS panel screen having some of the best features that you will enjoy. It is a 27″ LED screen. It can be used as a TV screen, a PC monitor or a video gaming screen.

The New HP LED Monitor

If you want to have a cheap, yet high quality screen, this one can be the best ips monitor under 200 with amazing features on Amazon. It gives you a 1-year warranty with free customer service access.

It is thin, lightweight due to which it is easily moveable. It is also available in 21.5, 23, 23.8 and 25″ size having different prices with similar features.

This screen has a 7ms response time with a 60 Hz refresh rate and an IPS LED-backlit panel that makes it unique.

  • It has a frameless widescreen and a stand at the center make it much easier to place it on a table.
  • IPS supported LED-backlit.
  • Thinner in size.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Expensive.
  • Slow response rate.
  • Low refreshing rate.

9. ASUS Designo MX259H

Another best IPS monitor having a 25″ LED screen.  The model name is MX259HS is available at low price. Available at the price of $174.99, it provides you best feature that you would want at this price. It is available at a 3-year replacement warranty with free local shipping.

Asus Designo Monitor

Best to use as a monitor, the Asus Designo is a multipurpose screen. It decorates your table, gives a pleasant look and occupies less space. It is also available in 27, 31.5, 34 and 37.5″ size and manufactured in 2019.

To provide best value for your money, with best features and improved quality, this product is the best for you to buy. Moreover, it is best to use as a monitor and can be used as a TV or gaming screen.

It is divided into equal parts of 4×6 of a 25″ screen for performing multiple functions. The stand attached at the back provides flexibility that helps to rotate the screen up to your comfort. A 1080p ips monitors that supports 2 HDMIs and a VGA port. It comes with a 3-watt built-in speaker that makes it unique giving a well balanced and pleasant sound.

Additionally, its frameless screen with a thin size of 15mm from sides makes it easier to carry. It contains a hidden touch sensor button that provides the facility of on-off at your will.

Through this button, you can protect it from kids making it more safe and accessible for yourself.

  • Contain special speakers giving a balanced sound.
  • Flexible.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Manufactured with the latest tools and technology.
  • For keeping it safe, a secret button is installed in it.
  • Smaller in size with a high price.
  • It does not have specifications of color and brightness display features.
  • Do not work properly on fast pace gaming programs.

Every product has its specific advantages and disadvantages that make it different from others. The ips supported screens are unique in their very own way that is built with modern technology. It has all the modern features that are available in the modern world.

The IPS screen technology has improved over time making it cost-effective and accessible to people. The IPS, OLED, AMOLED, LCD, and TN supported screens have their advantages and disadvantages. Not all OLED or AMOLED screens are better than ips ones.

The panel technology of the IPS screens differentiates it from normal LED screens that use backlight technology. This technology is also supported in most ips panels.

The price of some ips panels might still be high but they are constantly working on it to make it more effective and cheaper. They are improving their technology to install more features in it than the TN technology.

In the end, I would say that I would prefer the IPS monitors over the non-ips ones. For a better picture, accuracy, photo editing, and home-based cinema purposes, the ips screens are excellent to use.

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