Best Backlit Keyboard Reviews For 2020

We are going to help you find the best-backlit keyboard. The options in this guide are neutrally curated. There are options for everyone. You can find the one that suits your needs the most and in the best possible way.

A backlit keyboard is a great choice for gaming, typing, and regular work. It does not only look amazing, but it is also also very easy to use. But, this depends on the kind of brand you go for. We have included options from mechanical keyboards, wireless keyboards, wired ones and even tenkeyless ones. You can choose the one that you love the best.

A good keyboard will not strain your fingers, arm or palm. So some of these keyboard choices come with a palm or hand rest for your comfort. Others are softer to press so that there is no loud click or tap sound for you to get distracted or be disallowed in a library. There are also some choices that are very loud and they may come with a pop or a tapping sound for you to enjoy it. If you like it like that, you can have it like that.

Apart from this, there are some best backlit keyboards with programmable keys, we have tried our best to include those as well in this guide. So with all of these tips, we hope you are able to find what is best for you as the best backlit keyboard. Just remember, in order to find the best one you must know what you are looking for. And that entails that you should narrow your wants and features down and see which one matches the criteria of your choice.

The best-backlit keyboard can help you find the best possible comfort level and maximum usability.

Best Backlit keyboards

Let’s take a look at all the best backlit keyboards selected for you in this article.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.Logitech K800 Wireless IlluminatedMB169B Check Price
2.UtechSmart LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming KeyboardMB169B Check Price
3.Eagletec KG011 Mechanical KeyboardMB169B Check Price
4.Azio Vision Backlit USB KeyboardMB169B Check Price
5.RATEL Rainbow LEDMB169B Check Price
6.Azio Levetron L70 Backlit Gaming KeyboardMB169B Check Price
7.Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard K740MB169B Check Price
8.Genius Scorpion K5 Gaming KeyboardMB169B Check Price

1. Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

The Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is a durable and safe choice when looking for best backlit keyboards. It will give you a good quality used and great wireless comfort. You can place it on your lap and on your desk. You can use it however you like. It comes with a dongle.

Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated


The Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is a bright option. It allows very easy typing. There is darkness compatibility that is unmatched. You can use it with any operating system and it will be just as goof. There is a PerfectStroke key system to reduce any chances of mistyping and errors. It is perfect for fast typing and productive results.

The Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard allows you to enjoy fluid and quiet typing. It does not need anything else to work. The Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard requires no batteries or a cable. The USB cable to charge it comes with it. Other than that is can not wear off. You must have seen that some keyboards stop performing well because of their cells or batteries they wear off. So in this case that will not happen.


Ideal for comfort. It is wireless and quiet. The Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is a great option for daily use.
  • Has the USB cable with it
  • Does not need any batteries
  • Does not come with a wired option

2. UtechSmart LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Utech Smart LED Backlit Mechanical Gamers Keyboard is also a great choice for those looking at keyboards with gaming specs. It is a wireless option as well. The keyboard is a USB choice and you can easily use it with a rechargeable battery too. Just make sure that it is a mercury-based battery and you are good to go.

UtechSmart LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


The Utech Smart LED Backlit Mechanical Gamers Keyboard is a professional keyboard. Professional typists and hardcore gamers use it. It is a wireless as well as a wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It basically comes with a choice.

You can attach the dongle to the keyboard and you are good to go. You can also use it about 30 feet far from the computer and that means there are no limits with this one. It can be placed anywhere and you can work however you like to. The Utech Smart LED Backlit Mechanical Gamers Keyboard is compatible with all operating systems. It will not cause any compatibility issues or lags. You can use it without the software as well.

You can save energy and make an eco-friendly choice by reusing the batteries. This can help it to last for 40 hours or more once fully charged. You can use the flicker indicator to know that the battery is low and then charge it. This helps in ensuring that you are not running it on low heats and unusable conditions.

The Utech Smart LED Backlit Mechanical Gamers Keyboard has about 104 key gaming circuitry. This comes with 12 keys that are created for multimedia controls only. The Utech Smart LED Backlit Mechanical Gamers Keyboard is an Anti-ghosting full-size LED-backlit choice. It is a  keyboard that provides an excellent user experience.

You can use it with the blue switch keyboard so that it can improve your speed and the errors in your typing can be improved as well.  The Utech Smart LED Backlit Mechanical Gamers Keyboard has been tested 50 million times a keystroke test.

The keyboard is resistant to sweat and mold. It will make sure that your fingers do not get slippery or oily while typing.

This one is made out of ABS Construction. Plus it has a gold-plated USB connector. This one is an anti-slip option it comes with a rubber padas well as a rubber base.


The package can also adjust the color. There are 5 levels of lighting. You can choose from there modes. You can also turn the light off. It works as you want it to.
  • The cable is braided
  • Works from a distance as wireless as well
  • Does not include a color customization software

3. Eagletec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard

The Eagletec KG011 is also an ideal choice. It comes with blue switches. There are about 104 lights on it. These keys keep it illuminated. This is an ergonomic choice. The keyboard has an aluminum body and it works well with every computer.

Eagletec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard


This one is a pretty one. It is a white keyboard and that can be lit in blue lights. The LED makes it attractive and usable. Plus the blue color is much more relaxing than the red options. It reduces stress and tension.

The Eagletec KG011 is a mechanical keyboard. It is smooth to press and easy to use. You can enjoy the custom switches on it which are essentially as good as cherry MX blue switches.

This on what’s been created for long term usage and high responsiveness.

You can enjoy a numeric keypad on it. This is not a tenkeyless option. It has a gold-plated corrosion free USB connector. You can use this in your home or outside your home. You can also use this in your office. This is a great way to stay in touch with good typing. The Eagletec KG011 is a reliable keyboard.

It is a mechanical choices. Each click is crisp and quiet. It is precise to use and there is limited margin of error. It will give you the best typing experience.

The Eagletec KG011 is one of the highest quality options. The keyboard has been tried and tested for 50 million keystrokes.

You can enjoy many different kinds of lighting effects, style modes and adjustable settings for brightness. There are about 104 keys on it and each one can be said to be conflict free.

The EagletecKG011 has been made out of aircraft quality durable aluminium. It has impact-resistance and plate-mounted mechanical keys. This one is an ergonomically built keyboard. It has soft keys but each key is splash-proof.


The keyboard is a compatible choice for any operating system. It can be used with any surface and it’s great for daily use.
  • Soft keys and customization allowed
  • Multimedia keys are available
  • Does not come in red cherry MX switches

4. Azio Vision Backlit USB backlit Keyboard

The Azio Vision Backlit USB Keyboard has large keys. Each key is printed. It comes with interchangeable lights. The colors are adjusting and they can give you a softly illuminated and easy to view image.

Azio Vision Backlit USB Keyboard


The Azio Vision Backlit USB Keyboard allows the user to view with great ease. It lets you look at each key individually.

It is easy to see these large print keys. It has viewable and conventional keyboard layouts. The keyboard also comes with the 5 Interchangeable backlight colors.  You can use it everywhere. This can be used as an adjustable keyboard anywhere.

The keyboard comes with a dedicated internet connector. It has multimedia keys as well  you can use the calculator hotkeys too.

You can choose from many colors like Red, Pink, Blue, Cyan, Chartreuse. It has a simple to use interface. You get a 5 feet cord as well.

The AZiO Vision keyboard reduces eye strain. It can be used on full battery. You can see that the indicators on it are very helpful.


This is a healthy and happening choice for gaming as well as daily office use.
  • Removable cord
  • Long cord comes with it
  • Has no programmable keys

5. RATEL Rainbow LED Backlit keyboard

The RATEL keyboard is most unique and stand out choice.bit comes with rainbow led lights and a spill resistant body. This is made for the ultimate gamer who eats, sleeps and plays at his gaming console. This is colorful and exciting.



The keyboard has been designed for desktops. It is ideal to place anywhere. You can even use it in the bed as you play. The keyboard has laser UV carved keycaps. This is new technology

Basically the, Keycap printing is layered with a laser UV carving technology. Now that makes it resistant to impact and rubbing. You can wear it for a long time.

You can adjust the breathing speed and the noise level of the keyboard. This provides the ultimate freedom to you.

It has been constructed out of serious materials. The keyboard uses a metal material, some shockproof ingredients and wear-resistant bodies. It has an Ultra-thin keycaps. These feel as though they are floating and suspended above the keyboard.

It offers very high keystroke efficiency. The option has been tested for performance with its rainbow lights on for over 10,000,000 keystroke.

You can also customize about 12 multimedia keys on this one. It has nineteen non conflict keys. There are 12 combination sets of multimedia selection shortcut keys as well.

This comes with the numeric keypad as well. It is not a tenkeyless option. The non-conflict design works for all keys in the wired mode. It allows an ergonomic and spill proof technology configuration. It is great if you eat and drink as you type or play.

It will not tire your hands or strain your arms while typing. Your joints won’t lock after usage for long hours. You can keep your fingers and wrists in a good and healthy position for long.

This has an anti slip position. You can keep it in place without creating a fuss. All you have to do is plug-and-play it. There is no need to use or install any software for the usage. It works with standard keyboard drivers present in any system naturally.


It provides all basic features along with spill proof technology and an ergonomic design that helps you stay well.
  • Easy to use and no software needed for it to work
  • Has a simple functionality
  • It is not a wireless option
  • The wire is not twisted to reduce tangling

6. Azio Levetron L70 Backlit Gaming Keyboard

The AzioLevetron L70 LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard is an ideal choice for the passionate gamers. It is built with great ease and comfort.

Azio Levetron L70 Backlit Gaming Keyboard


The AzioLevetron L70 LED Backlit Gaming keyboard is a great way to get in touch with your inner predatory gamer. It helps in seeing the keys freely and clearly. You get great freedom by working with this.

The AzioLevetron L70 LED Backlit Gaming has a Blue Colored Backlight. There is also a Volume Adjustment Knob. It is ideal for the volume adjustment along with the gaming necessities. It has several Multi-Key Rollovers. There is a Windows key as well. It comes with the removable Palm Rest. You can remove it when you don’t want it.


The palm rest is soft and comfortable. This is a customizable option.
  • It has an additional volume adjustment knob
  • There is a lot of use for such comfortable keys
  • It has no wirefree option

7. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard K740

The Logitech illuminated ultrathin keyboard k740 is also an ideal choice for gamers and users who like to play in style.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard K740


The Logitech illuminated ultrathin keyboard k74 has a soft palm rest. It has been laser etched and will not fade. The keyboard is usable with all operating systems. You can use it with all operating systems with mild adjustments.

The laser-etched backlit keys are very precise prim and proper. It has a manual adjustable brightness. The keyboard is sophisticated and well designed. It is lightweight yet it doesn’t slip. You can place it on your lap or on the desk. This one comes with the Logitech PerfectStroke key system.

It allows a Full-size layout. However this is not a wireless option. It is a fully corded one.

The keys are lit bright and make it visible.   It has a, 9.3 mm profile this is minimal and absolutely good looking.


The keyboard allows optimal office and home usage. It is elegant and stylish looking with great functionality.
  • Has a soft palm rest
  • Comes with laser etched keys
  • This is not a wireless option

8. Genius Scorpion K5 Gaming Keyboard

The Genius Scorpion k5 Gaming Keyboard is a great choice for personal usage. It has a highly enjoyable user experience interface. The product is immensely useful. It can be used with great comfort and durability.

Genius Scorpion K5 Gaming Keyboard

The Genius Scorpion k5 Gaming keyboard is a 7-color LED backlight option. It is undoubtedly one of the best backlit keyboard options present for personal gaming and typing.

There is an adjustable repeat rate. The keyboard allows you to enjoy 19 anti-ghosting keys. You can also use the Windows lock key for safe play.


Genius Scorpion k5 Gaming is an ideal choice for daily use. It is great for personal benefits and non office usage.
  • Does not allow a wireless option
  • Has a quality lighting system
  • Does not include programmable keys for quick shortcuts

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